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Best Hand Luggage for RyanAir and other Budget Airlines

Ever since I have been living in Europe, I have been traveling throughout the continent to neighboring countries. Always interested in getting a good deal, I have been known to take the budget airlines more often then not. However, one airline in particular tends to be quite tricky regarding guidelines and restrictions. Which airline you ask? That would be RyanAir. Always the cheapest of cheap for travel, there’s usually a catch. One of the biggest being luggage, in particular hand luggage. Most of the time I chose the cheap airline because I’m heading a quick weekend getaway and I don’t want to pay extra for baggage. Thus the problem begins because if your hand luggage is too big, they will charge you big bucks if they can. Therefore, I did some research to find the best hand luggage to use when traveling on RyanAir, or any of the other budget friendly options. I managed to find most of the luggage on Amazon.com at great prices. And now, the bags.

Cabin Max

This company is great because they actually take pride in their sizing and dimensions. Even stating that they create flight approved hand luggage for RyanAir, EasyJet, Vueling etc. The below model is good if you’re looking for a backpack to sling over your back and don’t require wheels. However, I have also included a link to a roll-on luggage as well. Both are relatively inexpensive and definitely a good investment in the long run.


Cabin Max Metz Backpack 

Waterproof, only 0.7 kg without any goods inside, and measuring in at 55x40x20cm, this backpack definitely makes the cut. You can purchase this baby by clicking here.

Cabin Max Malaga Travel Backpack

Also measuring in at 55x40x20cm, the wheeled option is for those like me who prefer to roll their goods around, as opposed to having it draped over their back. Click here if you wanna know more and purchase this bad boy.

Honorable Mention!

Harveys Seatbelt Bag

Honorable mention goes to Harveys Seatbelt Bag for creativity and its eco-friendly makeup. Made of up-cycled seatbelts, the bag only weighs .71 kg empty. Not only is the bag reclaiming discarded items, it’s also vegan, woo-hoo! Get your pretty little hands on her here.


Cadiz, how I love you so!

Feeling good, feeling great in Cadiz, Spain. I travelled there with one of mi amigas. It was the first time I have ever stayed at Summer Cadiz hostel. Which was awesome I might add. We only used it to leave our clothes and personal objects in a safe place. We ended up partying the night away. Only to return to the hostel for one hour of rest and then check-out time! Good moments and memories were made that weekend. Peep some more of my photos of the lovely city below.


Bishopric of Cadiz and Ceuta

Camino de Santiago a.k.a. St. James’s Trail

I found one of the landmark’s for the route or pilgrimage route, to the shrine of the apostle St. James the Great in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia in northwestern Spain, where tradition has it that the remains of the saint are buried. People  follow its routes as a form of spiritual path or retreat for their spiritual growth. It is also popular with hiking and cycling enthusiasts as well as organized tours.

Some of the Colorful buildings in Cadiz

Beautiful beach view in Cadiz

Side shot of the Mosque in Cadiz.

Gang of trees…


Long walk home

Dominican Republic: Shining Bright
Flip Flops and Shades copie

Sandals, shades and sand in Dominican Republic…the three ultimate S’s!

Beach Dominican RepublicSexy beach time in Dominican Republic, ha!

Palm trees and beach in Dominican Republic


Bretagne, just like home!

Quiet ReflectionDown by the dock in Vannes, Bretagne, in quiet reflection…


Eye Spy with My Little EyeEye spy with my little eye…

Jamaican me crazy!

In Jamaica sippin’ on a Redstripe…

Enjoying the clear blue ocean water in Jamaica

Lovely palm tree in Jamaica.

Milan is a city I’ve come to like simply because one of my best friends is from and now lives in the city. It reminds me a lot of Paris, only everyone speaks Italian and it’s much smaller, but it still has a lot to offer, one thing being the amazing food! Please, enjoy tasty shots below.

I grab an espresso and brioche at least 3 times a day when in Milan, ha!


More yummy treats!

Couldn’t get enough of the delicious sweet treats!