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Sneaker of the Week: July 17, 2017

Reebok – “Meteor Grey”

image via SSENCE.com

This sneaker right here gets all the love, simply because I love lace. It’s such a delicate material, that often gets overlooked. I think it’s because people find it hard to try and incorporate the beautiful fabric into an outfit. Reebok did so in such a wonderful way. It’s so feminine and yet the color keeps it neutral on the gender role. Just lovely. Final Word: Must have for sure.

Alternative Summer Hat

via Sunnylifeusa.com

I am nto quite sure why, but I love this hat. It’s awesome and totally affordable. I am seriously considering buying this baby. However, are you guys feeling this alternative summertime hat? It’s so kitsch, how could one not love it. It doesn’t hurt when a beautiful model is rocking it either, but that’s besides the point. Final Word: I’m digging the quirky, dorky, style of this visor.

via Sunnylifeusa.com


Haute de Gamme Pasta Jewelery!

image via Vogue.com

Remember when you were kid and creating things with sand, rocks, or even pasta was the norm. Little did we know that we could go forward into adulthood and turn those pasta pieces into something worth some cash. Enter Rhode Island School of Design graduate Anna Pierce. The New York–based designer actually has created signature pieces with pasta and other unexpected materials. Who’d have thought…as stated in her Vogue interview, “materials inherently dictate my designs, as I’m interested in creating value with unconventional items that are often ephemeral, unlike the typical precious metal and gemstone.” Final Word: I gotta say, I’m not mad at Ms. Pierce, she bad and as I always say, “artists know best.”

image via Vogue.com

image via Vogue.com



Sneaker of the Week: July 10, 2017

adidas – “Grandma’s Floral”

via Instagram.com

Always willing to take on custom projects, Kendra’s Creations put together another beautiful creation. This time, they got down on the floral trend and gave us a chance to rethink gramma’s floral couch cushions. I’m a huge fan of this flower detail trend, as I love girly things. I find these kicks to be so special. Not only because I know they were personally designed by the lovely Kendra, but because they are so pretty to me. Final Word: Personalized goods are always more personal.

via Instagram.com

Mindful Makeup!

via Colourpop.com

I absolutely love Colourpop Cosmetics! They make high quality makeup, with a small price tag. I originally tried them out when I heard of a flash sale the brand was having storewide. The California based brand was giving folks a chance to buy their goods for as little as 4 dollars for a lippie. Of course I had to give them a shot. I’m so glad I did. It’s been love ever since. Welp, the brand launched a limited edition line of crystal infused products. Nothing that is crazy new in the beauty industry. Why I’m so hyped is that they made it affordable! The lineup includes priming and setting sprays, highlighter, and lip balm. Well I’m happy to say I have become a proud owner and although I still don’t have the products in my hand, I will soon. I opted for the complete collection of the Rose Quartz infused selection, I also bough the setting and priming sprays that incorporated amethyst, aquamarine, and aventurine. I plan to post a video on my experience with the products, so be on the lookout for that! Final word: Makeup is often said to have transformative powers, well now folks can try it out without dropping tons of money.

Aventurine spray via Nylon.com

Rose Quartz spray via Nylon.com

Aquamarine Spray via Nylon.com


A Brilliant Bikini!

Image via Spinali-design.fr

It’s the summer, which means we are all dreaming of at least one beach getaway. With that comes the responsibility of taking care of your body at the beach. Now my farer skinned friends may well know the horror of being sunburned. However, I myself have gotten sunburned as well. I know, I was shocked too. I figured having melanin meant I was a part of a club that didn’t need to worry about such things. Although I always wore sunblock naturally, there are moments where I may forget and the sun would scorch my nose, chest, neck etc…just horrible. Enter Spinali Design, a French start-up has come up with what they call the “bikini connecté” (The Connected Bikini). The swimwear features a removable and waterproof UV sensor that measures exactly when sun cream should be applied or re-applied. How cool. Ladies, finally you can wake up out of your drunken sun soaked sleep and re-apply the sunscreen before you regret it later. Final Word: Smart bikini’s for smart ladies, happy sunbathing!


Sneaker of the Week: July 3, 2017

Nike – Dualtone Racer

Image via Titolo.com

What a beaut these white on white kicks are right? The Dalton Racer is a long awaited, well maybe not long awaited, but highly anticipated takedown version of the oh-so-popular Flyknit Racer model. With just a hint of silver on the midsole and swoosh, the appeal is undeniable. Final Word: Nike does it again, another functional and fly kick!

Image via Titolo.com


Ikea Clothes is a Thing

via Instagram.com

I’ve discussed in the past how brilliant I find this whole Ikea bag repurposing revolution. I love it because these are just creatives taking something and making it new and interesting. That’s literally what I strive for everyday, to make the ordinary extraordinary. Well, I have found an Instagram page dedicated to these recreations of the Frakta bag and I’m loving it. I posted some pictures here, but you can peep for yourself over on the gram here. Final Word: Keep up the good work folks!

via Instagram.com


In the Name of Pride

In honor of pride Month, I present to you NikeNYC #Betrue #equality campaign featuring The Wonder Woman of Vogue Amazon Mother Leiomy. Written and directed by Daisy Zhou, the beautiful visuals are accompanied by the haunting words of Precious Ebony. Final Word: Chills


Sneaker of the Week: June 26, 2017

Nike – Air VaporMax

Image via HypeBae.com

Just gorgeous, this kick is meant to allude to Space travel. The “Explorer Light” comes with an copper check and holds an icy white upper to mimc an astronauts uniform. However, the true eye catcher is that VaporMax sole, that arrives in a transparent blue and adds an angelic appeal to the kicks. Final Word: I think I just may be kicking my pink obsession with these babies.


I Want!

Image via Vogue.com

This Baati dress is amazing! Im really digging its utilitarian design. The baati,is a classic cotton dress from Somalia. Though it’s a sort of housedress, designed in the spirit of one-size-fits-all utilitarianism, the baati conjures elegance and refinement. Apparently these dresses are sold for a whopping $20, ummm…excuse me, I’m in. However, I will add that model Halima Aden looks good in anything, which could lead to my interest in the dress. But who cares, isn’t that the point of models, to get people to consume the garb because they make it look so good?! Final word: Love it!


Royals Under Fire

Image via Vogue.com

Do you see anything wrong with this picture? I personally found the dress to be beautiful and very flattering. However, Madame Middleton got a lock of backlash for wearing the white frock. Apparently, it was too revealing. Some found the dress to be sheer. Details typically unnoticed on your average celebrity, I guess when you’re a royal you need to be extra covered. Whatever the case, the dress was beautiful and honestly, that’s all I noticed. Designed by Alexander McQueen’s Sarah Burton, the high-neck, long-sleeved dress call out is something the royals have become accustomed to. I doubt any change will happen. Final Word: Funny how people will throw shade at women wearing a modest dress due to their religion. Yet in the same breath call out Kate, a woman born and raised in “western culture” for showing too much skin.


Birks on the Runway!

Image via Vogue.com

So I saw the Birkenstock come up last summer. Never had I ever imagined myself rocking their footwear, however, I found myself wearing their Milan slides. Typically kept for indoor use, I absolutely love them until this day. What I noticed was that they were selling this particular version everywhere in Paris in a multitude of colors. That’s when I knew they may have just broken the barrier from just being for the granola crowd. After 242 years in business, the German health-shoe brand made its way to a Parisian runway. Held in the Tuileries garden, the rather expensive showcase came complete with lots of healthy and delicious food, drinks, as well as picnic tables to enjoy the delights on. There was even a selection of Birkenstock’s successful line of cork-foundation, leather-upholstered beds, just in case you may need a nap. Final Word: Unexpected, but cool and really…why not Birkenstock? Join in on the fun!


Sneaker of the Week: June 19, 2017

Nike – Sock Dart N7

via HypeBae.com

Looking like a nice sunny side up egg, these kicks are hot. Not only that, but they serve a good cause. Seeing as my mother is Native American, I do know the plight of my peoples all over. While some tribes do better than others, with help from the government, there is still such a disparity amongst the tribes, especially in the US and Canada. So I’m shocked, but pleased that the Swoosh brand released this sneaker in support of the N7 Fund which provides positive experiences for young Native American and Aboriginal youth in North America. Final Word: Fashion conscious for real, I am so with this.

via HypeBae.com


Jean Track Pants!

Image via pinterest.com

So word on the street is that everyone wants these jean track pants! Now I am all for creativity, but for some reason, I want to be like yeah I digs it, but  my logical brain is like this seems off. I hate getting confused like that. Now I appreciate the creativity and for that the creators Mother Denim get a gold star. The Speed Racer pant did so good, apparently  the pair restocked three times over the past year alone and the last still ended up with a 429-person waitlist. Dope and I hope they receive much more prosperity. But, I’m personally gonna have to pass. What are your thoughts? Do you dig em? Final Word: Issa no for me dawg.


Matte Lips for All!

via patmcgrath.com

Iconic makeup artist Pat McGrath is set to release some Lust: MatteTrance lippies and I’m super excited! Dubbed the most influential makeup artist int he world by Vogue magazine, this woman is big time! She constantly proves her titles worthy by creating lust worthy products. Now Matte lipsticks had to grow on me. I have large labias and they tend to get dry…that plus magnifying lipsticks are a no. Madame McGrath’s lippies densely pigmented and creamy. The creamy part is what caught my attention. This means they have the potential to be moisturizing and I dunno, I trust muva Pat, what can I say? Final Word: Another beauty must have, that I am dying to try. Extra points for the cute packaging.

Pat McGrath’s website – www.patmcgrath.com

Instagram – @patmcgrathreal

Twitter – @patmcgrathreal


Sneaker of the Week: June 12, 2017

Nike – “Sunset Tint”

Image via HypeBae.com

Artistically this sneaker speaks to me. It’s the colors that drew me in. Not typically one to rock an Air Force 1, simply because I feel like they’re heavy. However, the composition has made up drastically for this summer ready kick. This particular Air Force 1 low is composed of Nike Tech Ultramesh construction, providing optimal breathability. Meaning, your feet won’t get too hot, stinky, and gross rocking these babies. Final Word: It’s all about the colorway.


Starbuck’s Does It Again

I don’t frequent Starbuck’s too often, however I love the idea of this drink. Why you ask? Simply because it’s pink. Ombré pink to be exact. Consisting of cool lime, coconut milk, Teavana Shaken Iced Passion Tango Tea and a little hibiscus. Stir and the color will change to a light pink. Final word: I’m curious to try, may even post the experience to the gram.


A Polly Pocket Purse!

The 90’s are coming back strong. All of us 80’s and early 90’s babies are missing the good old days and fashion is looking to satisfy our longing.  It has come to my attention that there is now  Polly Pocket purse! I was addicted to my miniature bestie Polly and I love the idea that they birthed a purse for us “kidults”. Final word: def gotta feed your inner child’s hunger.


Sneaker of the Week: June 5, 2017

adidas – UltraBOOST “Coral Bleaching”

Image via adidas.com

Fashion for a cause is always an amazing mix. It always gets me all warm and fuzzy inside when giant sportswear companies do some good. adidas has taken a worldly initiative with the environmentally conscious collective Parley, and the two are reducing the ecological footprint in their own way. With a set goal of cleaning up the ocean, Parley’s main initiative is to collect wasted plastics from the sea. Previously working together through the past couple of years, the twosome have continued their heartwarming partnership and again have transformed Parley’s ocean plastic into high performance sportswear magic. With this “Coral Bleaching” pack, the white color serves as a “metaphorical white flag to the oceans and a wake-up call to the world about the threat of coral bleaching.” Per Parley’s initiative, the uppers are constructed with 11 recycled plastic bottles.  Final word: conscious fashion that actually looks good; definite cop!

image via adidas.com


Latex Lips, Oh My!

Image via BeautyAlmanac.com

A true fan of glossy lips, I’m totally digging these latex lippies by Too Faced. Just glossy enough, but vibrant at the same time. The colors pop and straddle that fine line between cute and sedcutive. Final word: the Club Kid in me says yes!


Travi$ Scott in Paree-oui-oui!

I’m posting this strictly because it involves American artist Travis Scott hanging out in Paris. The city I currently reside in. He’s running around the Parisian streets with the all-girl Gucci Gang, as they promote Parson graduate Alexia Elkaim‘s denim label Miaou Jeans’ 2017 fall campaign. Enjoy this quickie!


Sneaker of the Week: May 29, 2017

adidas Originals – Superstar BW35 Slip-On

Image via HypeBae.com

How cute are these? I absolutely adore them for the summer! Slip-Ons are great in the heat, because they’re easy to put on and this specific sneaker is made for the warmer months. Not a new silhouette for the model, but it’s modifications for summer are updated. Breathable mesh replaces what was once knit, making it a viable option as it warms up outside. A single elastic strap extends from the shell toe and loops around the vamp. Final word: Sitting pretty in pink, these sneakers are dope, dope, DOPE! 

Image via HypeBae.com

Image via HypeBae.com


Periods Are Cool. Period. 

image via HypeBae.com

There once was a time when I was embarrassed about having my period. I was an avid tomboy and just couldn’t take the fact that I had to finally come to terms with that horrid responsibility. I refused to go and buy pads, always begging my mother to do so. Then one day I got over it. I understood a ton of women get their period. Strong women who I admire and it’s nothing to feel ashamed of. After that point, I became very open about it. Sometimes if I forgot to buy tampons, I’d ask a boyfriend to do it for me. I’d let close friends, guys and girls, know I was in pain due to my period. I just stopped caring and started embracing the whole situation. In today’s world, little by little women are owning the situations that were once shamed. More companies are trying to let girls know its okay. Like Thinx, a brand that created underwear that replaces the need for a pad or tampon. Soaks up all the juices, no issues. 

Recently, Swedish fashion label Monki has joined forces with with female-run feminine products company Lunette for a very pink period pack. The collection includes a limited-edition menstrual cup, underwear and a pin set. The menstrual cup is a safe, eco-friendly alternative to pads and tampons and the Monki x Lunette version comes in hot pink. I may add, I’ve been looking into trying a cup myself, very curious as how that’ll go. On the undies they wrote flashy statements like “Bloody Queen” and “Periods are cool”, which are totally empowering. At the summer launch of these products, Monki and Lunettewill donate 5,000 menstrual cups to The Cup Foundation, which provides education to young girls in Kenya. Final word: Digging the idea of making girls feel okay with their periods. We need more fun around the whole experience.


Image via HypeBae.com

Image via HypeBae.com

Image via HypeBae.com


Sneaker of the Week: May 22, 2017

Nike – “Vintage Off-White”

image via Kith.com

I’m a sucker for vintage items and when kicks resurface from old archives of mega sportswear houses, I cannot help but get excited. Nike has a knack for detail and we can see this with their resurrection of the iconic Nike Pre Montreal Racer. Seeing a resurgence in the past couple of years, the kick was originally worn by American middle and long-distance runner Steve Roland “Pre” Prefontaine for some of his most legendary races. A step outside my pink fetish and I’m okay with this.  Final word: Clean, easy,  and certainly wearable.

Image via TheGoodWillOut.com



Pastel Hair for Noobs: Colorful Hair Done Easy

Image via HypeBae.com

I love the idea of dyed hair. However, I’m hardly a hairstylist and I don’t want to pay all this money to get my hair dyed. Enter hairstylist Benjamin Mohapi‘s “Moody Girls” temporary hair color line. It claims to allow one to achieve their pastel hair color dreams without all the fuss. Featuring five different shades from pink to coral, the collection makes changing your hair color easier than ever. All one has to do is shampoo hair and towel-dry until it stops dripping, then apply the product evenly from root to ends. Rinse everything off after 15 minutes and done. Your coif is completely transformed and should stay that way for three to six washes. Now in my case I’d also have to condition my hair heavily, but I’d be curious to see the effects on curly, kinky locks and also if it is drying. The last time I dyed my hair, well, it looked good at first, but I have been paying the price ever since. Dried, tangly ends that just needed to be cut off. Final word: Curious minds would love to know, do it work for real for real? On all hair types?


Sneaker of the Week: May 15, 2017

adidas – “Easy Blue”

via HypeBae.com

I finally found a Stan Smith that I can stand behind. This suede baby gives me life. I love the color blue, believe it or not, and I always liked the Stan Smith silhouette. What held me back is that everyone had them and I just hate having pieces that everyone else has. Somehow, I doubt you’ll see these blue suede shoes on everywhere and even so, I don’t think I’d care. Final Word: In those famous lyrics by Elvis: “You can do anything that you wanna do. But, oh oh, honey, lay off of my blue suede shoes!”

via HypeBae.com


Streetwear Must Have: The Deliveroo Jacket

via Deliveroo.com

Taking the everyday uniform and seeing its true beauty is really special. Lately, streetwear has finally been given its credit for its influence on high fashion. Now the trendy bunch are turning toward everyday workwear as their digs. Much like when I spoke on the Ikea bag in earlier posts. Now, people are into the Deliveroo jackets. For those stateside, Deliveroo is a European food delivery service, that just so happens to be extremely popular here in France as well. I always noticed they had jiggy jackets, but I never considered owning one myself. Apparently all the cool kids in the UK are interested in riding that wave. It’s really funny because, I recall my days working at T-Mobile, and the staff had to rock these white polo shirts. People would come in and ask if they could purchase one because they thought we all looked fly. At the time I thought it was so weird. If only I had the foresight then, to see what would happen today. I could have probably sold my shirts online for some extra grocery money, haha.

via Facebook.com

via Depop.com

It’s not just the way the jackets look that draws people’s attention, it’s their composition. If you think about it, riders have to go around the city via bike, vespa, or moped in all kinds of conditions, no matter the weather. Therefore, the coats are made up of really durable waterproof materials and are reflective. This makes for a serious cult favorite as it serves up multi purpose and always makes a statement. Final Word: Don’t sleep on those mundane work uniforms. Much like the school girl uniform became a thing, so are your local UPS, DHL and even T-Mobile representatives making a fashion statement, peep game.

via Deliveroo.com


Sneaker of the Week: May 8, 2017

Vans – “Fragrant Lilac”

via HypeBae.com

Diverting just a little ways left from my pink obsession, I found these beautiful light purple kicks. They’re so feminine and pretty. I have always been a fan of the authentic silhouette. I wore my first pair back in 6th grade. They had this beautiful indigo blue color and I was in love. I also think I love this lilac color because lilacs remind me of my grandmother. Final Word: Lilac is boss, not sure if anyone says that anymore haha, but I just did. The 90’s are coming back anyhow.


via HypeBae.com

via HypeBae.com


Cut the Bulls*it says France

Once again I am reminded as to why I moved to France. They have decided to help all us out by passing a law, enforcing brands to be completely honest about any retouching they make on their advertisements. According to BBC, any digitally modified images will have to be labelled as “photographie retouchée” (translation: retouched photo) beginning October 1, 2017. Final Word: Honesty is the best policy, woot woot!


At 67, A Woman Created Killer Lip Kits

via 1530main.com

Experienced fashion stylist Linda Rodin used her beauty icon status to create a set of beautiful lip colors. Most may recognize her from her lifestyle brand RODIN, loved by fans for its collection of face and body oils. It’s only right she unleash a new line of Luxury Lipsticks and matching Lip Pencils. The lipstick range features five shades ranging from the nude pink “So Mod” to the bright orange “Tough Tomato.” Inspired by her late mother, Rodin even created a beautiful purple shade titled “Billie on the Bike.” Final Word: It’s never to late to keep reinventing oneself.

via HypeBae.com

via HypeBae.com


Sneaker of the Week: May 1, 2017

Nike – Sunset Glow”

via HypeBae.com

And I’ve circled back to my pink addiction. This for me is just a pretty sneaker. I really dig dip dyed items as of late and this sneaker looks so good. It reminds me of summertime popsicles. Final word: Another beauty, that looks just as good as it feels on the foot!

via HypeBae.com


An Ikea Bag Hat!

Now this I like to see. Repurposing items into something different but useful. As I mentioned before, the Ikea FRAKTA bag is now an icon in fashion. Since Balenciaga took inspiration from one of their bags, the Swedish multi-purpose retailer got a boost up in notoriety. Now brands Chinatown Market and Pleasures made the .99 cent bag into a hat. I adore this. Only because I am on this DIY kick and whenever people come up with ingenious ways to recreate everyday items into something else, I get excited. Final word: Bravo guys, well played.


H&M and Nikki Set to Link Up!


So Nikki Minaj plans to work with H&M for a fall 2017 release. I understand many people have mixed feelings about the rapstress, but I personally like her. I think she is an entertainer and that’s the point of her art. To entertain. Like people don’t know this, but a lot of their favorite rappers are actually art and theatre school kids who learned the art of drawing in a crowd. They actually are here to entertain, it’s not real life for them. Anyhow, I’m not sure what the two would come up with, but I will say I’m definitely interested. Above you can see Ms. Minaj in a gown by H&M for the Met gala. She looked really good actually. Final word: Who knows, the collaboration could provide some good pieces for us girls with big derriers, ha.


Sneaker of the Week: April 24, 2017

adidas – “Linen Green”

Image via HypeBae.com

Finally, I found a sneaker I liked that isn’t pink. I am still a true fan of pink and it doesn’t look like that will be ending anytime soon. However, this nice linen green” is speaking my language. I think these uber cool colors work well for the spring. They keep it classy, while also being practical because they are in fact sneakers. Love! Final word: Stan Smith is an easy silhouette which makes any foot look cool. Instead of going the classic white and green route, why not dip them in an allover pastel. 

Image via HypeBae.com



About that $2,000 Ikea bag…

Image via CNN

This Balenciaga bag has been making waves ever since its induction onto the scene. Immediately recognized as an up-cycled Ikea bag, I have to say I’m not shocked. In fact, quite the opposite. To me, Balenciaga did exactly what I think most in fashion have been doing for ages, taking something old or done before and taking it up a notch. I’m not upset, they basically made a .99 cent bag into a quality piece. Hence the price tag. After all, artists copy each other all the time and it’s just about who does it better. Just glad Ikea had a laugh about it, instead of a nasty lawsuit! Final word: I’ll stick with the Ikea bag, if anything now it’s iconic!

Image via HighSnobiety.com

via Ikea.com



Sneaker of the Week: April 17, 2017

Nike – “Arctic Orange” 


This Blazer Low looks good enough to eat! I don’t know if I’m saying that because I’m hungry, but the colors remind me of tasty french pastries. I’m not a sweets person, but this kick is definitely tantalizing my taste buds. It’s also very springtime friendly and in warmer months I always prefer a low top. Final Word: Yummy!


Lovin’ Gucci’s “Soul Scene” Pre-Fall 2017 Campaign

via Gucci

Gucci’s Pre-Fall 2017 campaign is full of color and I am loving it. Fronting the whole rose appliqué trend, which I’m itching to DIY, I have to say the theme is perfect. The focus was on the pirit of England’s underground Northern Soul movement of the ’60s. It was also inspired by the great Malian photographer Malick Sidibé, who famously documented 1960s youth culture in his hometown of Bamako.  As a big fan of details, I’m feeling the long nails, gaudy jewelry, and funky backgrounds of the shots. I checked out some of Sidibé’s photos and Gucci did a stand up job. I literally feel as though we were sent back in time to experience this flashy period in 2017. To be honest, it reminds me of my parents and the photos they took back in the day. Straight fire and they were spot on with the casting, those models look plucked directly from that era. I read some interesting articles about the campaign and for a different perspective on the campaign, check out this great article here on Business of Fashion. Final Word: Feeling the digs, faces, and overall tone of this diversely hued campaign. Soul power!

via Gucci

via Gucci


Sneaker of the Week: April 10, 2017

New Balance – “Sunrise” 

Image via HypeBae.com


I already done told you all I am digging the pink. It could be the easter bug or it could simply be that I am tuning into my feminine side more. Either way, these kicks are so cute. I like New Balance because they simply make comfortable sneakers and you don’t often see too many people wearing them. At least not where I rome about, stateside or in Paris. Final Word: It’s all about the striped detailing at the heel, lubbs!


Urban Decay Links Up with Jean-Michel Basquiat

Looks like Urban Decay lived up to their name in a sense and got, well, urban with it. They joined forces with the ever-so-popular late artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. His works have garnered a lot of popularity in the last 5 years with collaborations all over the place. Of course, he has no say in the matter and I often wonder how he would have felt about all the collaborations. I’m sure he’d be down for most of it, as he was not stranger to fame already finding it before his departure from this earth. I know I’m not mad at them. The packaging is beautiful and I am def a true fan of visuals. Either way, all my bad and bougie art babe readers will surely appreciate this amazing joint project between the two brands. Final Word: It’s limited edition!

image via UrbanDecay.com


Sneaker of the Week: April 3, 2017

adidas NMD – Vapour Pink

via Sneakernews.com

via Sneakernews.com

Another pink pearl caught my eye. I started seeing ads for this pink adidas NMD in the metro and for the first time I was actually attentive to the ads. I really liked what I was seeing and actually wanted to cop these bad boys. They were so feminine and cute, yet i knew they’d be great to walk in. Ever since the street scene met high fashion, kicks have been making an impact. I couldn’t be happier, a self proclaimed tom-woman (grown tom-boy) myself, I’m very much into these wearable kicks for everyday. Final word: Pink wins my heart again, keep it coming!


Killin’ Em with Khelani


Galore.com glorified 90’s fashion with newest R&B siren Khelani. I must say, I’m oddly feeling the allover logo print get-up stylist Gabriel Held hooked her up in. Final Word: Never have I ever seen someone make sweaty restaurant workers look so good!






Sneaker of the Week: March 27, 2017

adidas Originals Campus – Shock Pink

via HypeBae.com

via HypeBae.com

Pink will always catch a girl’s eye. It’s fun, pretty, and reminds us of our femininity. I used to ignore the majesty of this wonderful color, but now all I see is pink iterations of sneakers everywhere and I don’t mind. I’m totally digging this hot pink/magenta colorway. Def a sneaker I would add to my private stock. They stand out, in a good way. Final Word: Pink wins every damn time.




SZA is better known for her music, but for me, she is one of my favorites style wise. In an age where it is cool to be different, SZA does so without coming off like its intentional. She seems genuine with her ethereal beauty and he hair, my gawd her hair! I think I love her aesthetics more than the music, and that’s saying a lot as I enjoy listening to her as I write on some occasions. And if you’re an avid reader of the blog, you know I am hyper sensitive with what I let my ears take part to. Anyhow, back to this girl’s style, she let coveter.com into her personal life and also allowed them to take a look at her gears and wow. Final Word: I’m just drooling.




Artists Know Best

Image via AnotherMag.com

Polly Brown, is an artist who knows best. The talented young artist is pointing some paint brushes, or sharpies rather at consumerism. As a writer myself for a book based all around limited edition items, I too find myself wondering what exactly makes people need these things. Why is Palace or Supreme so highly desired. What if everyone started to get crafty and just went DIY with it? Well, Brown is doing just that with her trusted Sharpie and Tipp-Ex pens to show the ludicrous nature of it all. Very tongue-in-cheek, ironic tone and if anything, it’s a conversation starter. Final Word: Peep the images and reflect.

Image via AnotherMag.com

Image via AnotherMag.com

Image via AnotherMag.com


Sneaker of the Week: March 23, 2017

Nike Air Max Thea – “Sail”

Image via HypeBae.com

Image via HypeBae.com

Image via HypeBae.com

So as the summer is arriving, I’ve been looking for some kicks that I can wear daily. I love my heels and pretty sandals, but I’m a girl on the go. I need shoes that can get me from point A to point B quickly. Hence, my newfound love for sneakers. I tend to rear towards Nike when it comes to footwear, simply because they actually try new innovative things. They continue to push boundaries and strip to create items that are long-lasting. As of right now, they have won me over with this Air Max Thea in premium materials. They’re easy, beautiful, and definitely covetable. Final Word: It’s the textures baby.


H&M Doing Big Tings

H&M actually caught wind of something I noticed a long time ago. You see, it all started when I started dating more fashionable men, who happened to be skinnier than my typical big, athlete aesthetic I go for. What started to happen was magical, I noticed I could borrow their clothes comfortably and we could share. Even though my exes never wanted to wear my clothes, I was all over theirs. I distinctly remember a past boyfriend of mine buying a jacket from the women’s department of Zara and tbh it looked dooope. Anyhow, I bring all this up because H&M is launching their first ever gender neutral line! Now I’m digging it, but will you? If you’re still on the fence on this whole concept, peep the photos below. Final Word: I’m all for it and I can’t wait to see which other popular retailers will get on deck (Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Zara).



Sneaker of the Week: March 19, 2017

Nike Air Max LD-Zero – “Pearl Pink”

Image via HypeBae.com


Image via HypeBae.com

I’m not sure shy, but I am really feeling pink lately. Perhaps I’m trying to get back in touch with my feminine side….who knows. What I do know is that I’m feeling these bashful pink Air Max kicks. Designed by a fashion favorite, Japanese designer Hiroshi Fujiwara, these babies are sweet. The Air Max LD-Zero was nitially introduced in collaboration with fragment as the Air Max LD-Zero H. Its design is inspired by the Nike LD1000 and its ’70s design, just updated with the swoosh brand’s most current technology. Woop, woop! Final word: definite cop!


Look Out! Hijabi Model on Runway

Image via Vogue.com

Image via Elle.com

As mentioned in my previous post, people who can and want to make a statement in fashion are. It’s important to make a stand when one can, because people need to see and understand that there is nothing to be afraid of. Hate and all of it’s many forms stem from fear. If someone with the influence and freedom to make a powerful declaration do so, it matters. That’s why it melted my heart and brought feelings of hope when I saw Halima Aden walk in Max Mara, Alberta Ferretti and Yeezy’s shows. Seeing her rock her headscarf to match the many beautiful ensembles made my heart swell. I do know that fashion is trying to appeal to the modest market, so by being inclusive you open yourself up to a whole new world of profit, but the fact that the designer was not scared to take a chance. To actually allow her to be true to her religious beliefs and still be beautiful, was big. Especially during times of Trump presidency and his muslim ban, this was just everything. Final word: hopefully more top names in fashion will help to promote an atmosphere of progressive, open, and tolerant attitudes for all.  


Pharrell Williams Made Fashion History

Image via People.com

Image via People.com

It seems as of late every major fashion and makeup brand is set to make a statement with strong counter intuitive moves. From CoverGirl’s recruit James Charles, Jaden Smith’s skirt clad Louis Vuitton ad, to Maybelline’s recent pick-up of Manny Guitterez, and now Pharrell Williams becoming the first man to front Chanel’s handbag campaign. Sporting the “Gabrielle” bag in a new crocodile version, iconic creative director  Karl Lagerfeld that he chose Williams because he wants to show that the bag is designed to be worn by everyone. Pharrell seems to be really big on the whole bag, in fact stating that he carries it around in real life too. Okay now, go on with your bad self. Final word: I’m digging how fashion is helping to blur the lines between what men and women can wear, yet both parties can actively hold on to their masculinity or femininity. Dope.


Sneaker of the Week: March 12, 2017

Nike Air Max Zero –Red Stardust”

Image via HypeBae.com

Image via HypeBae.com

Image via Hypebae.com

These beautiful all-over coral colored kicks come as part two to Nike’s icy “Glacier Blue” release. A derivative of the famed Tinker Hatfield’s Air Max 1, the monochrome version tickled my fancy moreso than it’s more chill partner. Even though the “Glacier Blue” iteration uses one of my favorite colors, I’m more of a monochrome girl when it comes to footwear. Not only this, but these sneakers look really comfortable. Final word: I am not one to wear sneakers often, but when I do I like to think I choose only the best of the best. ha.

Her Favorite Fall 2017 Runway Shows

Elie Saab

Elie Saab has been one of my favorites since I first saw Jennifer Lopez wearing one of the designer’s gowns to an award show. The elegant style, ethereal beauty, and extremely feminine aesthetic floor me. I’m a fan of grunge, rock, almost goth dark looks, but also really girly at the same time. Saab’s Fall RTW line engulfed all of those attributes and won me over, once again. Below, find some of my favorite looks.


I remember the first time I walked into the Vêtements showroom one cold afternoon a couple years ago, I knew i was witnessing a brand that would blow. They already had the support of Kanye, who holds influence over many. Not only this, but their hush-hist approach to secrecy concerning the brand would also propose their eventual overturn of the fashion industry. With streetwear becoming the mode all over again, their anti-conservative, streetwear with uber French counter authority attitude would win. I mean, they made boots with lighters for the heel; genius. Their Fall 2017 show didn’t leave me with any concerns or disappointments. It was smart, thoughtful, and the choice of models whom appeared to be just everyday people, dressed in outfits that one would assume a person with their air and face would wear. I was also very much digging the older people who were strutting their stuff, as I am really against ageism. Please, don’t take my word for it, just peep some of my favorites below.

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