Day 5 of New Year, New Me Ritual

Omg it’s day 5 and it’s a play date!!! Well kind of, today we’re expected to play. As I’ve gotten older, I have noticed that some things seem to get really serious. Myself included. Some situations and issues seemed extremely heavy and I just forgot how to be and even forgot myself, who I am deep down. Well, lucky for me I have good friends and one in particular reminded me to have fun. When she said it, the words hit me like a ton of bricks, but she’s right. I need to have fun. We all do. Once we forget to freaking smile and just laugh, well everything loses it’s luster and point. In honor of having fun, day 5 is all about that. Go to a playground and swing on a swing. Even better if you have kids to do it with, you’ll look less suspect haha. If that’s not your thing, ride a bike, make a snowman if you can, dance to some nostalgic music, go sing karaoke whatever you can think of that you find fun really. The world is your oyster, take advantage.