Who Is She?

A fun loving, risk taking, explorer, creator, diy addict, fashionista always looking for beauty in all things. Positive thinker, always spreading good energy and always doing it with style! In one lifetime I was a buyer for Saks Fifth Avenue, perusing the racks in Paris of Balmain, Dior, Azzedine Alaia, Yves Saint Laurent, Vêtements etc…every single fashion week. Oh yeah I am also editor for the street culture bible All Gone. Basically, I like gears, I like to wear, create, and discuss gears, but I’m also into music. Once upon a time I was hopping around from concerts, listening sessions, and anything else concerning music for large publications. You could say I’m pretty well rounded. Anyhow, enough about me, you can see what I’m talking about on my blog and social media accounts!